Toyota: Safety Sense

Revealing a surprisingly human side to safety technology


Toyota: Safety Sense


Toyota Europe (Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London)


Creative Direction

Toyota launched its new Toyota Safety Sense technologies into the noise of a typically busy automotive sector. In the same way other car manufacturers were leveraging safety technology to get noticed, Toyota wanted its own advancements to be recognised and appreciated by consumers. 

But talking about things like Automatic High Beam, Lane Departure and Pre-collision alerts can easily become functional and dull. All-too-often, in a sector saturated with safety features, technology jargon goes over people’s heads.   

The Brief:

Generate online buzz and awareness around Toyota's new suite of "Safety Sense" features

Ensuring that the film content was engaging, compelling, sharable and - most importantly - unforgettable to differentiate Toyota from other brands and stand out in the category.

And in a campaign intended for a pan-European audience, we needed to find a simple and elegant way to talk about Toyota's safety features which was relatable to all, regardless of language. 


In a series of short films, a personification of each safety feature joins an everyday in driver his Toyota. They're there...But not there

As the driver is faced with some everyday safety dilemmas, they sit beside him ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

A heavy metal band that launches into music whenever the driver drifts out of lane (Automatic Lane Departure Alert). A dog, switching between high and low beam so the driver can focus on the road (Automatic High Beam assist), a policeman shouting out the speed limits on a megaphone (Road Sign assist), an owl who watches the road for pedestrian hazards (Auto braking pedestrian detection) and an F-16 fighter who uses his lightning-fast reflexes to apply the brakes in an emergency (Pre-Collision function).

The objective was to move the narrative from technology and hardware to the benefit for the driver and passengers. To promote the features in a way that was unexpected, memorable and irreverent. And to ensure the films worked across Europe we set ourselves the challenge of making them work without any dialogue. 


The films were used online across Facebook and YouTube, getting over 1 million views

As a result of the online performance of the films, they were also used as TV Ads in Sweden, France and the UK.


The films were originally commissioned online use but achieved success beyond expectation in testing, scoring 5.22 (Millward Brown engagement score), compared to the market average of 3.17. As a result, they were used as TV campaigns in Sweden, The UK and France. Online, the films got over 1 million views and helped us reach 2.5 million people on Facebook.


Views across Facebook and YouTube


People reached on Facebook

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