Rekorderlig Cider: Winter Forest Bar

Brand building with an immersive experiential event that transported people from the busy streets of London into a real Swedish forest


Rekorderlig: Winter Forest Bar


Rekorderlig Cider (Agency: Outside Line)


Concept development, Creative Direction, Event Production

Rekorderlig is a modern cider brewed in Vimmerby, Sweden. It is made using natural ingredients and pure spring water and available in a range of flavours. 

It launched in the UK into a category which was undergoing a renaissance. After years being seen as "an old man’s drink," cider was becoming cool again. And Rekorderlig was perfectly suited to the new, younger demographic discovering cider for the first time and in particular, to female drinkers who tended to skew towards flavoured cider varieties. 

At the time, it was a relatively unknown brand in the UK.

The Brief:

Rekorderlig challenged us to devise a range of brand building initiatives to engage with their target audience on the channels where they were most active

Sampling opportunities through experiential were identified as an ideal channel to deliver the brand’s uniquely Swedish personality.

But the objective from any experiential activity had to be scale beyond the events themselves. They needed to be something special in order to get people talking and achieve broader reach through media coverage on traditional and social channels.  


The solution was the Winter Forest Bar which opened for two weeks in the heart of London

Guests stepped through the door and were transported from the hustle and bustle of a busy London street into a serene living forest.

It contained over 150 sustainably sourced trees with soil and foliage underfoot. Forest smells and atmospheric mist filled the space whilst a striking bar sat in the centre. Music from Swedish DJs and recording Artists provided the soundtrack.

Guests were offered varied ways to sample the cider. From a tasting menu of Swedish cuisine paired with the various Rekorderlig flavour variants to a cocktail menu offering twists on well-known classics, using Rekorderlig as the mixer. All were created exclusively for the event.


The event was teased on social channels. A sense of exclusivity was created by only releasing 2,500 tickets which sold out in less than 24 hours

Once opened, limited ‘walk-up’ tickets saw people queuing down the street for several hours to get in. The event ran for 14 days.


A striking, modern bar sat in the centre. A cocktail menu offering twists on well-known classics was created exclusively for the event

Swedish nature meets modern Swedish design 

Cocktail menu made from Swedish pine


Invited bloggers, influencers and traditional press gave the experience a lot of coverage in digital and traditional media. The result was over £20 million in media value and one of the most talked about brand experiences of the year.


Real Trees


In media value


Tickets Sold in 24 hours

What a hot event. We love Rekorderlig


This place is so amazing, its literally like stepping into a real Swedish Forest


One of the hottest things to do this month


One of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to


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