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Red 6 Brand development and Content Creation


Red 6 Aerospace


Creative Direction, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Website Design.

Red 6 are one of the new breed of privately owned aerospace companies. They have developed an incredible product – An Augmented Reality pilot training tool that allows virtual elements to be overlaid into real-world flight training. 

But they needed to secure further funding to bring it to market and had trouble explaining the details and the true potential of what they had created to potential investors.


Red 6 was preparing to raise a series A investment round and needed to establish their technology to investors and the public.

They had cutting edge technology but needed a brand identity to match. They also needed inspiring communication assets that would both explain the true potential of what they have created and inspire potential investors.


Working closely with the team at Red 6, we created a new brand and identity and rolled this out across a tool-kit of assets...

The assets included a compelling collection of video content and a full website re-design. Together, these gave Red 6 a suite of investment tools and marketing materials to show their product in all its glory – a revolutionary new Augmented Reality system designed to train pilots from commercial, military and humanitarian sectors. 


To realise this we shot a demonstration in the fully customised and hand built Berkhut 360 airplane.

This aircraft is fast, really fast. It’s typical cruising speed is 350mph and it’s stall speed is 90mph.  Meaning we couldn’t utilise helicopters or traditional Cessna’s for the job.  In order to achieve the right shots, we had to scour for a solution. 

We found the fastest skydiving plane in the US and shot in the Santa Barbara region over the Rancho Guadalupe dunes and coastline.  For the remainder of the film, we shot at the highly exclusive Air 7 hangars at Camarillo airport.  This gave us a unique space to set the plane, a highly-tuned Berkhut 360, one of only 12 in the world.  

Our design team also took on the challenge to create the graphical output of the AR system, to show investors exactly how it will look once the product is fully realised. 

Our custom web design was built from the ground-up, incorporating every element of the Red6 business. It was tailored directly to their positioning as a B2B and B2C company, whilst also keeping their site friendly for VC’s to explore their unique offering, helping to generate investment opportunities.


Red 6 went on to successfully secure further funding, they were oversubscribed and secured a higher amount than expected.

In addition to helping them secure new funding, the materials we created were also used to present their technology to leading Aerospace companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin. 

Series A
7 figure investment secured
New identity

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