Intel Drone 100

Creating a pinnacle content piece for Intel to showcase their latest drone technology


Intel Drone 100


Intel (Agency: VIMBY)


Video Production

To mark a pivotal moment in Intel’s drone development, we facilitated the video production of Drone 100, a captivating drone experience featuring 100 co-ordinated drones flying in unison over the Sydney harbour skyline and backed by a 30-piece live orchestra.  

The Brief:

Intel wanted to showcase their drone’s new technological capabilities, which allow hundreds of drones to fly as a co-ordinated ‘swarm’ to a precision down to a few inches.

But they wanted to do it in a way that was distinctly non-techy and would capture the imagination not just of tech and drone enthusiasts but also the general public. Generating PR and online buzz was a key requirement of the brief. 


What better way to bring the precision of 100 drones flying in unison to life than by using them to create a giant sound and light show.

The event was hosted at VIVID Sydney, the city’s annual light and sound experience show known for industry defining experiences.


The drones flew in a choreographed display to the sound of a 30-piece live orchestra with the iconic Sydney Harbour as the backdrop.

Director Sergio Abuja was called upon to craft the narrative and aesthetic of the film and to capture the event, we co-ordinated two simultaneous teams flying DJI Phantoms as well as three on-ground teams to capture public reaction and orchestra performance.  

The challenge was enormous, with no practice runs or preparation, we had to prepare and plan for every moment - including technology failure, weather conditions and extremely restricted airspace. Despite the safety concerns and technical complexity of the event, it went off without fault.


The result was an enthralling video that set the bar for other shows to match.

The video and show featured on major news outlets' front pages and Intel’s content platforms.  

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