IAMS: Nom Nom

Creating a new look and language for Pet Food Commercials with IAMS


IAMS: Nom Nom


IAMS (Agency Saatchi & Saatchi London)


Directors Treatment, Storyboarding, Production, Video Direction

IAMS is a well-known pet food brand in the UK but it had been a while since IAMs had done any TV advertising in the UK. Their share of voice was small and as a result, sales were in decline. 

The Brief:

Ensure IAMS return to TV screens delivered a memorable Ad...

...different from the all too familiar and clichéd language of pet food commercials.

They needed to differentiate themselves in the category, remind people they were there whilst underlining the nutritional value of their Pet foods – For healthy, happy pets IAMS is the best choice. 


The idea was based on a simple insight: What Pets want isn’t always what they need.

And given half the chance pets will happily eat any number of unhealthy foods but given the option of IAMs, they opt for the nutritious pet food over less healthy options every time.

The work comprised a series of stylized vignettes, that showed cats and dogs trying to get their paws on a range of foods that they really shouldn’t be eating – A hotdog, Ice-cream, watermelon, cupcake and more.

At the end of the ads. IAMS is served and we see the pets abandon their attempts to eat the human foods – Given the choice pets choose IAMS every time.


Both Ads ran on TV and a series of shorter edits were created for social channels

A few months after the first Ads first ran. The brand did a promotional tie-up with Pixar-style movie release – Secret life of pets. This promotion re-positioned the Ads form their original usage as brand-building assets into a sales activation.  

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