Google & Childish Gambino

Helping Google celebrate the amazing low-light shooting capabilities of the Pixel 3 smart phone.


Google and Childish Gambino collaborate for Coachella music festival




Video Production

In the lead up to the 2019 Coachella Music Festival, Google partnered with Childish Gambino to come up with a fully immersive sound and light experience. This would be open to the public during the festival with the purpose of allowing patrons to experience the low-light camera capabilities of the new Pixel 3 phone. 

The Brief:

What you see in real life is not always the same as what you see on film…In this case it had to be shot using specialty cameras to match the capabilities of the phone.

In order to make sure the low light shooting capabilities of the Pixel 3’s camera came to life on video, Google needed a compelling way to capture this experience.  The challenge was how could we show the ability of this awesome technology in a room that was near pitch-black to the eye and yet showed off the incredible attention to detail in its construction. 


A camera and team fit for space. We used the RED Gemini, a camera designed for shooting in space to capture the incredible elements that went into this experience...

With strict boundary lines around the entire space, this was no easy feat.  Coupled with no prior scouting of the location, we had to be ready for anything.  Our team meticulously shot through every detail of the experience and eventually worked with Gambino’s own sound designer to create a custom track for the film. This brought the whole film together and brought online viewers as close to the real-life experience as possible. 


The installation lived throughout the Coachella festival where visitors could explore the immersive experience day and night.

At the end of the experience each visitor had a photo taken which was posted to social channels with a call to action to find out more about the Pixel 3. Over the course of Coachella over thousands festival goers experienced the installation with many of them posting pictures to their social channels.  


The resulting film was pulled off in a 5-day turnaround, ready for the second weekend of the festival.

The video was fed through both Google and Pixel's networks, sparking the hashtag #brighterinthedark.

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