Direct Line Insurance

Solving everyday problems with the ultimate fixer. Pulp Fiction's Winston Wolf


Direct Line: YouTube Pre-rolls


Direct Line (Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London)


Creative Development, Storyboarding, Video Production, Video Direction

Direct Line was getting lost in the noise amongst countless insurance brands and price comparison sites that all traded on being cheapest.

The Brief:

Reverse the fortunes of a brand in decline and struggling for relevance

In a category increasingly competing on price


Going back to the originating purpose of the insurance category and moving the focus from the point of purchase to the point of need

The basic purpose of insurance is to fix problems. You hope you won’t need to use it. But if the moment comes, you need it to deliver.

The campaign helped Re-position the brand as the ultimate insurance performance product fronted by the ultimate fixer, Pulp Fiction’s Winston Wolf: "Gotta Problem? Direct Line will fix it".


To reinforce the performance product message in a fun and irreverent way and build awareness...

Four pre-roll ads were created that targeted some of the most popular ‘How To’ Search queries on YouTube.

People trying to solve everyday problems by searching YouTube for videos like ‘How to clean a red wine stain’, ‘Hang a picture’  or ‘Iron a shirt’, were surprised with targeted pre-roll ads where Winston Wolf and his ‘associate’ Billy, directly answered their search queries and helped solve their problems Pulp Fiction style.


The 30-second videos gained 1.7 million views with a completion rate of 15 per cent...

well above industry standards. The digital campaign was chosen as a “best-in-class’ success story  by YouTube Works. 

1.7 Million
Online Views
15% Online
Completion Rate
Best In Class
YouTube Works

A standout piece of digital work


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