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Concept, Creative Direction, Video Production, Video Direction, Content Creation. Still Photography by johndavisphoto.com.

12X3 is a chain of gyms in London that uses boxing skills as a foundation for fitness. They approached us to help them attract more female members. 

They knew that when women tried their classes, they often became loyal members. The challenge was inspiring them to walk through the door and try something new. 

The Brief:

A key aspect of the brief was to shift pre-conceptions about what a boxing gym was like…

And challenge the idea that coming to one meant entering a “macho” environment, stepping into the ring and getting punched. 12X3 wanted video and stills content that showed what coming to their workouts was really like. Also, and most importantly, they wanted to celebrate their existing female members.


We found that the gym offered many of the things that women like in a workout. Strong social interaction with other members, constant feedback from the coaches and group-based activities

One of the Pro coaches at 12X3

And one of the gym's members 


We did a study to look at what motivates women to work out and spoke to existing female members of 12X3. Some consistent themes emerged...

The gym offered many of the things that women like in a workout: teamwork, regular feedback from coaches, and strong social interaction with other members through group-based activities. All of which made 12X3 a lot more fun than simply running on a treadmill at a normal gym.

They also liked the fact that using boxing as a foundation for fitness did not just get them fit, it also taught them a new skill. This provided a motivation to work out that went beyond losing weight or aspiring to look a certain way.

Many also talked about how the combination of the environment, enhanced strength and fitness and the new skills gained inside the gym made them feel more confident outside it.

In short, for existing female members, coming to the gym was both rewarding and fun. 


We created video and stills-content which featured the most compelling authorities on what it is like to come to 12X3: Its existing, loyal female members

We featured a cross section of members from all walks of life. Nothing was staged. The content simply showed real workouts and unguarded interview content from existing members.

The photography and films featured on the 12X3 website, played on-screen at the gyms and were used on social channels.


Working with Black Paint was a pleasure from start to finish. They were responsive, collaborative and agile. Most of all they demonstrated their ability to deliver a top quality creative execution which addressed a fundamental business challenge - Getting more women to become members of 12X3. They went beyond expectation in taking the time to delve into our business to understand what makes our customers tick and delivered a set of video assets that was engaging, relevant and marked us out from the competition. We look forward to working with them again and couldn't recommend them highly enough to others

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