Advertising becomes more meaningful when we defy the conventions that precede it.

We believe brands deserve better from agencies  

Here’s the secret. We used to work for big global agencies, however we recognised not all brands were treated equal 

Many businesses weren’t being best served by those agencies due to a lack of passion for the brand, other clients getting more priority and being assigned the best people. Or seeing too much of the budget going on big agency overheads or overstaffed teams and not on the actual work. It all added up to less trust, less value, less quality and less effective work for smaller businesses and brands. 

We created Black Paint specifically to address these needs and provide world-class digital marketing to all.

Here are a few ways we do it .

We are built for your success

At Black Paint we aren’t constrained by big structures, hierarchies or set ways of doing things.

With people in London, Berlin and LA, we’re a boutique agency with a global presence. We build talented, bespoke teams to meet the specific needs of your business.

We do our homework

We invest more time and more energy understanding your business from day one.

This allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals, challenges and ambitions whilst providing you with essential outside perspective to devise inspirational and effective solutions that will make a difference. We believe this upfront investment sets your business up for long term success.

We make sense of the digital hype 

We know too well that the agency world is full of hype, jargon and latest technology fads. Some are relevant, most are just distracting.

We work with business leaders to help navigate this maze of industry noise, providing strategic direction and honest guidance to help you identify what you should be focusing on and what you shouldn’t.

We make brands smarter 

By helping you make more of the right choices with how and where you invest your budget, time and resource when it comes to digital campaigns and content.

With our guidance, knowledge and focus we help create smarter, more ambitious brands of the future.


Applying art, science and magic to change the game for our partners.

See below for a full list of our services 

Our agency is founded on sound strategic thinking because it’s the foundation that transforms your business into a progressive digital brand, built for success and future growth.

Our highly experienced team can help you drive insights, solve problems, concept ideas and ultimately provide strategic solutions to your business objectives. 

By spending time immersing ourselves in your business from day one, we are able to truly transform your brand, empowering you to create new value through digital technology and platforms.

  • Insight and Research
  • Growth Strategy
  • Communication Strategy, Design and Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • In House Training and Empowerment

We see ‘content’ as everything people interact with in their digital lives – film, voice, audio, visuals and photography - it’s all content and each can play an important role in your customer’s experience.

At the heart of all of them is the need for brilliant creative ideas, beautiful execution and compelling storytelling and the know-how to intelligently connect them into engaging stories.

Our nimble set-up allows us to quickly deliver and scale content production across channels and we understand that in todays’ connected culture, an agile and responsive partner that is able to execute quickly is essential. 

  • Concepting and Idea Generation 
  • Creative Direction  
  • Video Production  (From Pre-Production to Final Delivery)
  • Visual Production (Design, Animation, Photography)
  • Audio Production (Voice, Podcast, Music)

  • Editorial Positioning and Brand Voice 
  • Copywriting and Editorial Creation
  • In-Housing Creative Production Support
  • Augmentation, Training and Mentorship of In-House Teams

We deliver world-class digital campaigns with a consistent focus on growing your brand, achieving your businesses ambitions and getting people talking about and engaging with you across multiple digital channels.

Through insights and audience understanding, content excellence and digital communication planning we create effective campaigns built for today’s connected culture.

We are a team that has worked at the world’s leading advertising and digital agencies, so we understand connected thinking across digital channels and know how to adapt and constantly optimise ongoing work to maximise its effectiveness.

  • Audience and Channel Insights
  • Creative Campaign Strategy
  • Digital Communication Planning
  • Campaign Content Production and Execution (Video, Copy, Audio)
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • In-Housing - Campaign Support, Guidance and Augmentation for  Your In-House Team 

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